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Crepes Cart

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Our Crepes Cart is a mobile shop that can be hauled in two ways: attached behind a bicycle or... mehr
Produktinformationen "Crepes Cart"

Our Crepes Cart is a mobile shop that can be hauled in two ways: attached behind a bicycle or manually, as a push cart.

The cart is equipped with a 400 mm gas/LPG fueled professional crepes maker, intended for outdoor locations where access to electricity is limited.

Optionally, the cart can be fitted with an electric crepes machine.

The vending cart’s countertop is made of food grade stainless steel, 0.8 mm thick, and incorporates a sink with an automated water supply system powered by a 12V battery, a small container for the spatula, 4 stainless steel containers for ingredients and a cooling container for the crepes mix.



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Crepes Cart Specifications:

The cart’s interior storage space is organized into two compartments, with every square inch put to good use. And, because we know just how important storage is, we maximized it by adding an exterior container on each side of the cart.

Its central wheels are made of aluminum and can withstand weights of over 400 kg (882 lbs). The 3rd retractable wheel is designed to be used while in static or push cart mode and should be retracted during bicycle towing.

Almost all bicycles are suitable for towing the cart but we strongly recommend an electric bicycle such as this one.

The Crepes Cart is available in two colour schemes: black and white.The cart can be branded with custom graphics either by us or by the end user, and has plenty of space for brand signage & advertising thanks to its spacious roof and sliding sides.

Would you like to know more about our Crepes Cart? Click here for the brochure or drop us an email here.

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crepes kiosk for saleThe cart is suitable for outdoor use only.

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